30 November 2009

Senior moment...biggy!

Not a great deal of time spent in the 'shop over this last weekend as the call of the paint pot has still been beckoning but the finishing line is now a broad stripe more or less in front of me rather than a smear on the distant horizon.

What time I did manage to have though was spent in veneering the last of the picture frame mitre attachments for the 'shutes, made from 18mm mdf, lipped in iroko (horrid, nasty stuff) and veneered in teak. The next thing to do is to shoot all three in so that they're a dead 45deg and after that it'll be the long mitre attachments. One good aspect of this job is that I've got another one to make after Christmas . When that's all done and dusted I have it in mind to get hold of another router with a Micro Fence at some later date, as my current Bosch is now over ten years old and was never a 'state of the art' machine when I bought it...so it's probably time for a replacement. I'm not completely sure about the additional fence as it depends on the accuracy of the one supplied with the Trend, which by all accounts seems quite good.

The current project (which is really only constructed out of gash materials loafing in odd corners of the 'shop) is a 'drop box' for the circular saw. There was a good piece on UKW on how they work and how to make one, so I'll give it a go and see how it works...beats all the faff of making a cyclone!

I usually like to take a pic or four of the stuff I make in the 'shop, just as a record of what I've made. I should have taken a couple of shots of both of the items I recently produced for the Secret Santa event, which have now been parceled up and are winging their way speedily northwards, courtesy of Royal Mail...

but I didn't...I forgot.

What an numpty!.. particularly appropriate today as it's St. Andrew's day.

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Olly Parry-Jones said...

Hi Rob,

In case you're not already aware, Trend are running a 'Router Scrappage Scheme' until the end of January and you could save £20 off the T5 model:


I don't know the full T&Cs or what condition the router must be in but, it's worth considering. You may even be able to buy a 99p router off eBay and trade that in... I don't know!