10 November 2009

The Blokeblade Special

I thought it was worth taking a couple of decent pics of the 'Blokeblade Special' before it's dispatched to it's new owner. The handle is made from Australian Lace Sheoak and finished with several dozen coats of white polish. The blade is tool steel hardened and tempered...I also engrave my initials on each of these knives, together with the date in Roman numerals.
The box is made from an oddment of Indonesian rosewood and lined with maple. The two blade supporting blocks should also have been made from maple as there was a bit cross-contamination when I polished the lining and the blocks together...the polishing rubber was picking up rosewood dust and depositing it on the maple.
All in all though, not a bad effort.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful work, Rob. Your best marking knife ever.

Cheers ;-)

Paul Chapman

Concord Carpenter said...


Sweet Knife, ROB