23 November 2009


When I had my music system set up a few years ago, I used to like listening to quite of lot of current stuff. One band I used to like a lot (amongst many others) was Dire Straits and indeed, I had all their albums as LP's (remember them?...and 'specially the long, LOUD version of 'Telegraph Road'!) Occasionally you do hear them now on Radio2 with the 'Woohoo'track seeming to be one of the most popular.
So what has this inane preamble, got to do with woodwork activities...if anything remotely at all?

It so happens that I've been laying a laminate floor over the weekend in our bedroom which was tiring as it's all at floor level, so it's up and down all the time. Of necessity, of course, you need to cut the stuff to get the end section and then the return for the start of a new row.

Therein lies the issue...sawing the laminate boards!

I decided to use my best, newly sharpened panel saw from the 'shop to do this, thinking that as it's only some thin 8mm mdf covered with a smear of paper thin plastic, it ought to sail through it...wrong...BIGGY mistake.
To be completely truthful it did to start with but after about an hour of supposedly cutting, it then began to 'rasp' it's way through as if all the points had been stripped off the saw teeth.

So what's this got do do with Dire Straits?..remember 'Skateaway'?

That's what my saw was like at the end of the day..slip sliding away!

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John Walker said...

Hi Rob,
Yeahhh! Dire Straits. I have all their albums too. One or two I have on tape, and also the album, 'Neck & Neck' (Mark Knopfler and Chet Atkins) Great.

It never ever stopped me working, but it made some stressful days in the shop just that bit less stressful. Probably saved me hurling my LN No. 4 Bronze across the shop!

Jokin' of course.