21 November 2009

A tool too far...

The official Blokelist has now been compiled for Christmas and has been distributed to all parties concerned. It reads thus:

The Big Christmas List (BCL) '09

Countersink Axminster, 410039, £30
Countersink Axminster, 202213, £30
Plug cutter Axminster, 501265, £12
Kell Sliding bevel, Workshop Heaven, £28
Kell Centre finder, Workshop Heaven, £15
Chattahoochee pencil, Workshop Heaven, £3
Bessey XC5 clamp, Workshop Heaven, £5 each
Bevel Box, Axminster, 211591, £28
Zona 300 saw, Chronos, £10
Clifton 466 awl, Workshop Heaven, £16

I did though, for the tiniest nano-second, think about adding just one small and insignificant item to the list:

Domino Axminster 574256 £580

...but that would have ensured a very unhappy Christmas and would have been a tool too far.

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