14 November 2009

The demon drink...

Like most woodies I like to make sure that everything's 'just so' before lights out...tools are oiled, electrical sockets switched off, bench swept down and floor reasonably clean...you know the sort of drill, so the last time I saw my two shooting boards they were nestling side by side being as good as gold...apparantly.

Somehow though, by pure cunning as only 'shutes know how, they'd managed to smuggle in a drop of the demon drink and were getting more than a bit cosy with one another.
"Oi,oi" says I... "you can pack that mucky game up right now!"...all to no avail as the next time I turned round...

they were at it like rabbits!

Now I'm fairly broadminded like most blokes, but this is stretching the bounds of credibility just a smidgen too far...shooting boards having a bit of unsolicited nooky!...whatever next?

Well, the results of that brief, steamy and passionate affair...

... a baby 'shute!

You'll note though, that the progeny has some slight genetic differences (as you would expect, naturally) to it's parents but somehow seems to have been born full sized which is to me a puzzle as I always thought new born infants were smaller...maybe not so in this case.

I wonder if it's worth letting Sir David know that some weird and wonderful 'goings on' are happening in deepest, darkest Wiltshire?

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