22 September 2013

The Bow Fronted Cabinet

The Bow Fronted Cabinet has been finished and herewith a few pics of the final piece.  A couple overall showing the cabinet....

..with the door closed.

Opening the door shows the interior, with a fixed and moveable shelf, together with two small drawers....

...one shown open with turned Indian Ebony pulls.

Corner construction with through dovetails of differing widths with a final shot of the...

...rear panel detail, showing the hanging hole slots.

16 September 2013

Domestic Goddess?

I've been in the habit over the last couple of years of stamping my initials 'RJS' on the back of each piece that I do, but as well as that, I also got hold of a set of letter stamps from Axminster and punch on the date, which, if you know your Roman numerals, reads '2013'.

Clever stuff eh?

Except that your truly, being mind numbingly dense on some (most would say all) occasions became a bit 'X' factor happy and used said letter twice, whereas it should have been once.

Big...'Oh crap...how the bloody hell do I remove it?'

I was just about to feed the entire project through the bandsaw, when I remembered that salvation could possibly be at hand...

My very old and very trusty iron!

Dunk a bit of rag in clean water, set the iron to max-nuke capability and let the steam do the work.  As you can see from the pic, it's removed virtually all of the second 'X' indentation and you'd have to look very hard to see see any faint shadow of the previous letter.

I'm quite handy with one of these things and if like me, your work ends up with all sorts of dings and dents an old iron is one of the most useful bits of kit in the shop.

Domestic Goddess?...

The jury's still out.....