20 November 2009

Shiny trinkets, part deux

Concerted efforts in the 'shop have come to a bit of grinding halt at the moment as I'm plodding ever onwards with the decorating. I'm happy to say though, that the finishing line is in site, even if it is on the horizon...the good thing however, is that it's getting closer all the time. Paint work on one of the doors and laying the laminate floor has to be done this weekend, so by COP on Sunday night the room should be almost finished, with just a few bits and pieces left to tidy up...hopefully.

In between time, one of the 'shutes will probably have to be finished by mid-December, which is doable but will need a bit of careful planning to get it sorted. The same person though, very kindly sent me a selection of toggle clamps which were surplus to his requirements. Although I've used clamps from Axminster for these 'shutes I'll no doubt find these ones will come in very handy for jigs later on.

On a different note, Ian Styles from Axminster has very generously set up a special Hand Tool event for UKWorkshop members at the High Wycombe branch. It's going to be a LN affair with Tom L-N and Denib P (whose name is unpronouncable anyway!) demonstrating all manner of shiny toys.

As it's being held at an Axminster 'shop though I daresay there'll be lots of other goodies to play with...


Tom said...

lol Rob it's not DeNib! You don't use him to flat a surface after an undercoat. Too much decorating? ;) It's DenEb Puchalski. I'm not sure how sensible it is attending this event. I could well be returning to a purpose built dog house for permanent residency! ;)

Woodbloke said...