17 November 2009

Of shiny trinkets

It doesn't take too much common sense to realize that a cosy evening in front of the telly with a bottle of vino collapso and a bag of crisps is now constantly interrupted by adverts (especially the 'smelly' ones) for the impending 'season of goodwill'...Christmas.

Say what you will, but I think most people round about now (once Nov 5th is out the way) start to think about what sort of arrangements they're going to have for the festive season.

Goose or turkey, a bottle of malt perhaps and what about Boxing Day...cold 'cut up' or another roast?

With that in mind, I've been trying to put together a suitable list of stuff that I'd like, in much the same way as I did last year. Nothing too expensive, but a selection of items that would be useful in the 'shop.

But, therein lies a slight problem...I can't think of anything!

Now you might find that amazing, but I've got almost all of what I need to make the sort of stuff that I like to do, so this year it's been a bit of a struggle. However, rising manfully to the challenge I've come up with a few bits and pieces such as some countersinks (really exciting) and a set of Veritas plug cutters, which would be quite useful in a limited sort of way. The LN countersink though is desirable, but is it actually required?..a nice trinket to have though. A couple of items that I don't exactly need but would be very pleasant to have is a Kell sliding bevel and centre finder which would add a dash of extra 'bling' to the Tool Wall. Perhaps one of the most useful things would be a Zona 300 saw for cutting very fine dovetails as you might find in box corners.

What I'd really like though is a new bandsaw but there are just a couple of teeny weensy little problems with that idea, the first being that I've now blocked up the chimney...(how else do you expect presents get delivered?) and the second is...

...it won't fit into my Christmas stocking!


Tom said...

Ordered the Turkey today, the xmas avalanche is on it's way and there's no stopping it. It gets bigger and bigger as it gains momentum, until CRASH, mass devastation and then eerie silence. At least that's what happens in our house :D

Oh and I've stolen you counter sink idea. I quite fancy a trend square too


Eric Hegwer said...

Well my friend, as I think about enjoying a big mug of Adult Eggnog, my mind begins to think about my wishlist. My goal has always been to make sure the list of tools I need is greater than my "Honey-do" list, if you know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

Cold cut-up christmas eve. Goose on christmas day. Roast beef on boxing day.

No compromises.