01 November 2009

The plane that tips...

Much as I detest the paint pot, I have to say that some sort of progress has been made...no paint on the walls yet, but all the electrical sockets have now been sunk into the walls (instead of sitting on top, which again irks me) and all the filling, including re-plastering the original fireplace has been done. All I'm waiting for now is for the stuff to dry and then I can get cracking with the roller.

In the meantime though, I've been asked to make a couple more 'shutes with all the attachments and thus far this afternoon I've managed to sort out the basics of the main boards. The two timbers in the sash cramps (iroko) are the main 90deg fences with a little bit of long grain material biscuited on. This is one of my rather ingenious little adaptations that I've cunningly incorporated so that if the plane tips in use (and it does happen, even with a LN No9) then a little slither of material can be glued on and then shot in again, thus ensuring that break out from the piece being planed is kept to a minimum.

The white material is part of a slightly dimpled chopping board (which can be smeared with oil) and enables the plane to run more smoothly. You can also see in the pic a wear strip made from birch ply that runs on the section of the sole just below the cutter. This is so that the upper surface of the shute won't get worn away, if again, the planes tips...

...and it does happen!

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Anonymous said...

Nice work! Stumbled upon your blog and hooked me in. Good luck with everything.

Please check out my blog and give me some feedback. I just started out so I am looking thin on the posts...but they will be updated weekly