29 October 2009

La Guerre

The saga of the long running competition on UKWorkshop has finally run it's course and is due to finish at midnight on Saturday. We've had a few decent pieces submitted but not nearly as many as I'd hoped for. However, there's still 48hrs to go, so some more may well be posted.
I am disappointed with the turn out though, especially when it's been running for six months with some pretty good prizes to be won. Many competitors seemed to have left it to the very last hurdle before even starting and many more simply fell by the wayside (for one reason or another) as the summer progressed...something about the 'road to hell is pa......' maybe?

C'est la guerre I 'spose.

Those that have made it though are to be congratulated on the high standards achieved...I know there's one particular piece that would get my vote if I were judging, but I'll say no more 'til the event is done and dusted.

On a different tack altogether, we're having another 'Secret Santa' on the forum in a similar way to last year, and at the moment I'm a bit stumped for an idea on something to make as a gift. I've made more than enough 'Blokeblades' for the moment at least and am quietly pondering about something suitable. However, in the best traditions of meeting deadlines (I hope the irony isn't lost..) the nebulous meanderings taking place 'up top' will be converted into something a little more finite before packages need to be posted.

The biggest fly in the ointment though, that's barring all 'shop activity is the bloody decorating (which I generally detest with a passion) now well under way (having taken a few days of work) so hopefully things will take a turn for the better before too long...onwards and upwards!


The Village Carpenter said...

Wow, there are some really beautiful pieces on the UKWorkshop site.

How about one of your marking gauges as a secret santa gift?

Woodbloke said...

Kari - there are some very good pieces on there, but not enough of them.

Marking gauge?...made one last year for the same event! - Rob

Matthew said...

What about a blokeboard?

I reckon a nice shooting board would make a perfect secret Santa gift!