13 October 2009

GSB and the tuit list

Things have been progressing in the 'shop of late on the 'Blokeblade Special'. I didn't quite do what I thought I might have do to the blade, which has now been made and set into the handle. Even though I say if myself and not wishing to blow one's own trumpet too much, this one is going to look very good. When it's all completed I'll post some pics on the Blog. I've also started to make an 'accessory' to go with it, which is turning out quite well, but it's pretty fiddly to do. I'm hoping that the final completed project will form a decent prize in the UKWorkshop competition, which closes at the end of this month.

A pleasant thought which is looming up on the horizon is Tony's bash in Weymouth (or the Great Southern Bash) the weekend of the 24th Oct. There will a lot of woody nutters congregating in his 'shop that day, including yours truly. I've been delegated (said advisedly) to demonstrate dovetails and the cutting thereof, so I've been compiling a tuit list of all the kit I'll need to take down on the day. I don't expect it too be much 'cos Waka's got enough tools to have CHT call on him if they run short! I'm having a personal demonstration from Paul Chapman on the Festool Domino in my 'shop prior to the run down to Weymouth. Should be a very good day.

An equally pleasant thought is that Gareth is coming home this weekend as a break from his bean counting activities in the city. I fully anticipate that he'll want a vast roast dinner as well...only slight downside is that the larder will have to be groaning this coming weekend with all sorts of tasty morsels...and I don't even want think about the fruit bowl.

If I'm very lucky though, he won't come out to the 'shop.

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