21 October 2009


I wonder how many of us make lists?...and what do we make them on? I seem to make them for all sorts of things 'cos without one, what's laughingly called a brain that rattles around somewhere inside my head would know nothing.

So I have lists.

A list for things to service the car (when I used to), a list for shopping each week at the local supermarcardo, a 'to do' list of essential things that I need to organise before going on holiday, a list of stuff for the next decorating job, material cutting lists in the 'shop...ad infinitum.

Items on my lists are struck off with a religious zeal as they're done or acquired. On one occasion, which was the driving holiday to France last year, I'd forgotten to add my driving license to the holiday list which meant that I drove 2,500 miles on the continent without the correct documentation, which if nothing else was a trifle worrying. If I'd ever been stopped by the Gendarmarie or involved in an RTA, yours truly would have been dining on gruel for a very long time...

I like my lists, they keep me on a moderately even keel in a sometimes turbulent world.

As you might expect then, I have a list that's more or less ongoing all the time. The current one is pinned up on the notice board in the dining room and is a list of all the gear that I'm going to need for the Great Southern Bash at the weekend. Thus far it runs to one complete sheet of A4 paper, which may seem a lot.

Worry not though...with three days to go it might end up at two sheets of A4!

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Mitchell said...

I love making lists. I have them all over my office; stuck to things, laying on the desks, tucked into drawers and catch-all's, I just love my lists. When the time comes to implement them, though, damned if I can remember to take them with me. I guess thats why I have so many of them hanging around the office.