23 October 2009

A fingerfull of goo

Owing to my complete and utter ineptitude with a sealing gun some time ago, I failed miserably to stop the ingress of the elements. If you recollect my pal Pete offered a cunning solution a while ago to the problem which has been quite well documented in these somewhat incoherent ramblings, so much so that the problem has been totally fixed...

...except for one teeny little bit, just where the window closes.

Now we've reached October, there's been a little more precipitation and I've noticed a wet patch (no sniggering at the back there!) just under the windowsill, which has puzzled me as it was bone dry after the 'shop had been been treated.

I thought that I'd give it one more go with some sealant, and if that didn't work then the opener was coming out and I'd replace it with a solid double glazed unit. Not feeling overly confident about the whole thing, the other evening when everything had dried, I gave the suspected area a wipe over with a fingerfull of silicone (especially on top of a screw that had been wet) and left it, hoping against hope that it might have done the trick.

Yesterday evening we had some very heavy rain...really great when you have to load up the Landy after a shopping expedition. Anyway, we got home again, slightly damp... and I thought I'd have a quick peek just to see if my application of goo with the pinkie had worked.

Much to my surprise...it had!

Mary Poppins almost had it right...it's not a spoonfull of sugar that's needed, just a fingerfull of goo.

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