09 August 2009

The magic finger

I built the 'shop several years ago now and to date it's been fantastic, barring one small detail...it leaked!! During any sort of wet weather I'd have water coming in all over the place and I had the 'shop covered with a huge tarp. This was down in no small part to a faulty application of the 'finger', more precisely, a complete lack of the finger when the silicone sealant was applied...I just glooped it on straight out of the tube and didn't smooth it down, hoping it would do the job.
This weekend, after having a break from the truly awful weather of the last couple of months, we've had a really pleasant weekend and I've managed to get the last few panels done so that the green tarp, which seemed to be a permanent fixture over the last eighteen months has now been dispensed with and will be transported to the dump next time I go into town in the Landy. The lesson of the finger has been well and truly learned...
Pete developed a cunning plan to shed the water off the bottom of the panels past the damp proof membrane...as you can see from the pic, there's an overlapping covering so that water won't sit on the dpc. So far, the system has worked and the 'shop is bone dry. The white bits that can be seen are in fact bits of 6mm marine ply (as are in fact all the surfaces of the panels) and you can also make out my frantic attempts to stop the ingress of the wet stuff by lathering on copious layers of black pitch...to no avail. I also had a blitz on the lower section of the 'shop by excavating all the soil from underneath the sleepers, so they should now start to dry out a bit.
Here's hoping that the finger has done it's job...

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