25 August 2009


The most simple and logical things seem to utterly defeat me sometimes, things which as a maker I ought to be able to do with relative ease. The problem is that I get myself immersed in the 'nitty gritty' of the build and forget that the smallest, tiniest detail like marking what goes where ought to be stamped indelibly on the wood and more importantly, on my forehead! You'd think that it's a pretty straight forward thing to number the pieces on a project as it's made, and probably more important on this one as each individual bit will only fit in one place.

Did I do that?...did I work in a logical, sequential, orderly manner? Sort of... in a roundabout manner of speaking as I did number all the bits at the beginning in some kind of ramshackle order. The trouble is I re-numbered them again and got myself totally confused as to which bit goes where. Then just to get myself into total meltdown, I re-numbered the bits again last night for the third bloody time. What I'd done was to erase all the pencil markings when I was cleaning up the frames, so last night, just to make absolutely sure that they're not going to come for me before this job is completed, I assembled it again and marked all the joints. I usually do this using a 6mm chisel and mark them using Roman numerals in parts that will eventually be covered, say the tenons.

In that way there's no danger of erasing important details with the untimely application of a bit of sandpaper, unlike the application here of a bit of sensible logic, which in this particular case, got completely wiped out!

Nummeracy?...pah!!...more like brain ache.

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The Village Carpenter said...

That hurt MY head just reading your post! ; )