20 August 2009

Ponderings of a deeper kind

Sometimes things go well...and sometimes they
don't. No matter what you do, or how carefully you work, it can't be avoided, it's as if there's a little workshop gremlin sitting on your shoulder whispering evil nothings in your ear...you know the feeling! Whatever you try and do, everything seems to go pear shaped, one annoying little thing after another in a never ending procession, so that by even part way through, you just know that it's going to be a complete and unmitigated bloody disaster.

Such might have been the case with this top 'cross' arrangement, but I spent quite a while deeply pondering the best way to tackle it and so far, things have not gone awry but instead it's started to take shape quite well. The lipping and veneering went together in the normal way as it's a fairly straight forward process and one which I've done many times before.
Ultimately, I decided to cramp the main section directly on top of the drawing to mark off the angles at each end. These were then knifed and shot in with the LN No9, using a series of packers against the fence to ensure the correct angle was produced. The other advantage is of course that each end was square...always helpful. It was then merely a case of re-cramping to the drawing and marking out the two smaller pieces in much the same way, firstly to make the correct angle and then to plane the sides to the appropriate width to fit the particular end frame. The next stage is to mark out the position of the biscuits after which I should be able to cut them. I'd considered getting hold of a Domino at some point as at the moment they're quite a good deal at Axminster, but for this particular application a biscuiting is probably the better option.

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