04 October 2009

Forces for Courses

In the immortal words of the man..."puzzled, confused I am" not over anything significant really, but more whether it's a sound idea or not to dispose of equipment so that something else can be bought? I'm referring to an interesting debate really that I sparked on UKWorkshop about the infamous Festool Domino...do I or don't I need one, that's the question?
The thing is that I've got several pieces of kit, one of which is my rather tasty Norris A2 panel plane that I no longer require (as I now exclusively use low angle planes) I paid well over £400 for this ten years ago, so that's a lot of 'folding' sitting under the bench not doing anything that could be invested better elsewhere in the 'shop. The other side of the coin though is that we (and for that read 'I') as woodworkers develop a strange relationship with our tools...they become almost like old friends and we become loath to part with them.
The debate on the forum though has really crystallized down to the principle facts that:
a. it's hugely expensive
b. the sort of stuff it does could be made with a router and 'shop made jigs
and finally
c. it's not really justified in a hobbyist 'shop (where money is usually tight) as the actual time it's in use would be minimal (different in a professional cabinet 'shop though)
Anyway, cutting a long story sideways, I've been feeling a bit like that stupid old woman in 'Open All Hours' who takes an eon to decide whether to have a tin of beans or a jar of coffee, but my decision has been made...and it's a 'no', so for the time being, my tools are moderately safe (until I want something else!)
Live long and prosper!
Bugger...wrong show.

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Mitchell said...

Whether to hold or fold with a tool is always a major dilemma with any user/collector. The beauty of holding ones like your A2 is that, the longer you do, the more it is worth. Vintage tools are like land; they are not making them any longer.

As for your procrastinating making you feel a bit like the stupid old woman on "Open All Hours", I don't think you have crossed that line yet. I have my own line in the sand, so-to-speak, when it comes to turning into a stupid old lady when it comes to tools. If I start stashing them in the back of the tool cabinet to keep them good for "special occasions", then I know I have crossed it.