02 October 2009

Normless...but where's Dixon?

I don't know whether it's me (... probably is) but it seems that the quality of viewing choices on the TV have been going downhill over the last few years at an exponential rate. It appears to be an unrelenting variety of 'soaps' (which I can't tolerate) sport ( 'footy' is diabolical) and the absolute pits being 'reality' shows, which, quite honestly, have me reaching for the barf bag.
It comes as no surprise then, that SWIMBO and I made the momentous decision to drag ourselves kicking and screaming into the 21st century and invest in a satellite TV box, which was installed yesterday.
Once the guy had gone (I hesitate to call him an 'engineer') I had a quick flick across the Discovery channels hoping, with a bit of luck, to come across Norm (beloved of so many) in the off chance that a few juicy morsels of woodworking savvy would be sagely tossed my way.
Alas, 'twere not to be as I couldn't find the right channel amongst the thousands (seems like that anyway) available...so at the moment, it's all a bit of a puzzle.
I'll persevere though, but of far more concern...where's Dixon of Dock Green?
Maybe this Sky stuff is overrated after all. G'night all.


Tom said...

Rob, You want: Discovery RealTime (240) Disc RT+1 (242) and Discovery Shed (242). However, they play the great Norm very infrequently these days and when they do it's often early on weekday mornings (6am). Bizarrely, a couple of times a year they have 'Woodworking Weekend' and show all the woody shows in one shot. Then they're back to the mundane fishing programmes.

Pete Bassett said...

The other option is to not bother with TV at all and cancel the license. Just make sure to unplug the aerial and detune the tv channels and it is perfectly ok by the TV bods.

We moved house over three years ago and I didn't get round to plugging in the tv for a month or so because we were busy with other things around the house.

Once we'd realised that we had not watched a second of tv for a month and had not missed it at all it was an easy decision.

You can still watch DVDs etc, it doesn't come under the same rules are recieving tv broadcasts.