03 December 2009

Mad dash...

With the onset of colder, wetter weather I leave work in the dark and after a sometimes very wet ride home am usually first through the door. The house is cold, black and empty and the first thing to do is to get some illuminations on, then fire up the heating so that after about an hour it's getting moderately toasty.

After we've had supper, I often get this slight nagging, guilty thought that I ought to go outside to the 'shop to see what's happening (just to see that everything's fine, if you follow) so I peer out of the kitchen window...and it's cold and dark and it's hammering down with rain!

...and I really don't want to make the effort.

I go and have another look at what's on the TV that might be worth half a view and inevitably there's some reality garbage or a 'soap' or some idiot in the jungle, any of which might cause me to instantly throw up!

That gnawing itch still hasn't gone though... I have another look outside and decide that maybe, perhaps, I'll just chance it. Sorting out keys, I make a dash for the 'shop door in the pitch black and driving rain. After some fumbling with the locks...I'm in!

Close the door and wait for the lights to flicker on, one by one.

The effort is always worth it... the peace and quiet of the 'shop once the lights are on. That irritating feeling has instantly vanished to be replaced by one of quiet contentment.

The only problem is that I know I've got to do it all again tomorrow.

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Tom said...

I often go out to the shop to make sure it's not gtting too lonely. When I came home from the op I had an unusual gravitational pull to just open the door, turn the lights on and stare at it for a min. Odd, isn't it?

Not wishing to rub it in, but my 'shop is just a door off the kitchen ;) Centrally heated too :D Won't be getting any use out of it for a month or so tho :( You win ;)