29 December 2009

Triffid traps...

The last of the projects have been finished off now, so that's probably the end of stuff in the 'shop for the 'noughties'.
The main things to get done and dusted were the three 'shutes which have been fettled in and are now spot on. You can see from the cross grain ply slopes on a couple of the long mitre attachment that there was a small degree of 'spelch' which I filled and smoothed off...nothing ever goes perfectly, the main thing is that they are now highly effective 'shop jigs.

However, after we'd watched a rather excellent programme on the TV last night, SWIMBO came into the dining room and pointed to the long mitre attachments that were on the table (there was some glued dowel setting in the warmth)
Pointing at them rather suspiciously, she wanted to know..." just what are they?"

"Triffid traps" I chortled..."part of my latest project in the 'shop."

"Right" she said slowly...and headed for the sherry.

"Bonkers" I could see her thinking....

The picture for one of the lads at work also got finished and has turned out quite well. If you click on it and have a look at the emblems at the bottom, you'll see that he moves in very elite company...

And finally, what on earth?...why the pic of a door wedge?

This is probably the last and one of the most important projects that I've tackled this year...it's a wedge for the now finished bedroom door.

But why so important?

If you've ever tried to open a door using your knee on a Sunday morning, holding a large tray of tea and biscuits in your hands, with SWIMBO fuming within, you'll know why...

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