19 December 2009

Seasonal indulgencies...

Christmas is nearly here, so I suppose it's time for the annual indulgence in terms of food and drink. I decided this afternoon to have a cycle into town on the Blokebike to pick up a tin or two of biscuits from M&S...something we always do and maybe have a quick seasonal peek into PFT, which is perhaps not the wisest thing for me to do with a pocketful of loose change.

I couldn't resist though, getting hold of this woodie, made from quarter sawn beech and in very decent condition...at least some bloody moron hadn't beaten hell out of it with hammer, which so often happens and irritates me intensely.

As it happens, I've wanted another one of these for a very long time...but why two?

The answer lies inside the late, great Alan Peter's book 'Cabinet Making - the Professional Approach', which, if it isn't on your Christmas list...should be! Inside he talks about essential hand tools, one of which is a wooden jack similar to the one in my pic, where the sole has been planed into a convex profile. These modified jacks are used to plane a concave shape in one of his classic pieces which is a small wooden stool in solid ash or oak with a dished seat...and again is something that I've wanted to make for a long time...

...and now I've got hold of the right plane (with some careful alterations) for that project.

You're probably more focused though, on the green container behind the plane which is of far more interest...

...good job it's Christmas!


Tom said...

Oh Rob! You've just spoilt the plot!

I just started that book. Brilliant read.

Thanks for the spoiler ;)

Mitchell said...

This time, neither wood plane nor a fine bottle of malt whiskey caught my attention. Instead it was your comment about a "tin or two of biscuits", believe it or not.

When I was a kid, every year me mom would receive a couple or three tins of fine British biscuits from her folks ov'r 'ome. Man. I loved those things.

As a coincidence, my wife come home from shopping an hour ago and placed a box in front of me that was labeled, "Fine British Biscuits". She purchased them because she has heard me mention them so often.

I love her dearly for the attempt, but just seeing they came in a cardboard box told me it wasn't going to be a trip down memory lane. Tasting them only confirmed it.

Man, I miss those cookies, but thanks for letting me know they still exist.

Woodbloke said...

Mitchell - let me have your name and adress and I'll send you a tin of Marks and Spencer's finest next year! - Rob