06 December 2009

A little bit of fluff...

Nearing the end of the mammoth job of decorating our bedroom, we took the possibly rash decision to get ourselves a new bed...perhaps not the most impressive idea we've ever had just before Christmas. The old one was nearly thirty years old and didn't owe us anything so when you see a £950 solid oak bed going for £350...that was too good to miss!

This left me with the slight problem though, of disposing of the old divan base...just how do you get rid of a king size bed base?

As you can no doubt see from the pic, I decided to drag it from the upstairs bedroom, down the stairs, round the side of the house and up some more steps into the 'shop...in the dark and in the wet!
The only way that I could see to get it to the dump was to cut it somehow into four manageable lumps that could easily be transported in the back of the Landy.
This proved to be a bit of a nightmare though, as I had to cut off the cover, rip away the ticketing and grind through the springs (and I did try and cut them with wire cutters) with an angle grinder and then use an old but trusty handsaw that belonged to my Grandad to finally hack through the pine frame.

The mess was unbelievable with bits of sharp spring steel and fluffy ticketing littering the 'shop floor, but, thankfully it's all gone now and I'm back to a pristine 'shop once more...

...'cept the roof leaks now, and needs to be replaced next Summer.



The Village Carpenter said...

I bet that was fun cleaning that up! Too bad you don't live in a neighborhood like ours. We're on a main street, so anything you put out on the curb is gone in 20 minutes or less. No need to haul anything away. We even put a peach-colored toilet out one time. Gone in 10 minutes flat. Who the heck would want a peach-colored toilet?

Mitchell said...

One person's junk, Kari, is another person's lawn ornament. There is probably a statue of a Virgin Mary out there somewhere that has a peach-coloured backdrop. No wait. That's old bathtubs, not toilets.

My sympathy to you, though, bloke. The days of putting the unwanted out to the curb are long gone for most of us. While our consumer societies support most governments, many of these legislative bodies haven't a clue what to do with the aftermath. In their quest to appear as though they are protecting our environments, they just throw the ball back into our court, often hitting us in the head with it as they do.

While I hope you see another 30 years out of this new bed, with the quality of production these days, I doubt it.

Wow. Sounding the bit of the downer this morning, aren't I?