01 January 2008

New Year

Well, 2008 has finally arrived...would someone like to tell me how the rest of them have gone so quickly? I was working last night but managed to celebrate the New Year in the appropriate style and so am feeling a little queasy this morning though a nice fried breakfast has certainly helped to redress the balance, much of which I lost last night.
The Elm Cabinet in coming along reasonably well. I had some trouble in lipping the mdf for the top and bottom as I couldn't get the mitres to close so I had to do it again, which was a bit of a pain in the aris but I got it sorted in the end. I had to bandsaw the elm for the veneers which was surprisingly easy to do as I was expecting to make a complete cock-up of it, but it all went very well. Each pair was shot and joined after which they were glued in the AirPress. One pics shows some of the veneers straight from the saw and the other is where I've just started to clean up the surface of the first piece with a very finely set LA jack...fabulous plane.
Eagerly awaiting the postie now as I've got some lovely shiny new toys to play with, one of which will be another new plane, this time the LA BU smoother from Veritas...can't wait!
A very happy and prosperous New Year to all.

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