22 December 2007

New toys...and maybe something to sell.

Having won £100 in the Competition I've ordered some shiny new toys from Classic Hand Tools as they have a 10% reduction on LN tools up to Christmas. I was also mightily chuffed this morning to see that those lovely people at GMC have deposited a further wedge into my account for the article on the Teak Casket that appeared in F&C recently, so the keyboard was fairly hot this morning as I ordered a bit more stuff. To date I've got on order the following:

4 - LN mortice chisels

1 - 25mm LN bench chisel

LN dowel plate

Veritas Bevel Up Smoother

Veritas round spokeshave

Veritas flat spokeshave

...the Veritas stuff was ordered from AHC in Camberely with a huge saving on equivalent stuff from either Axminster or CHT. Only trouble is that this little lot will be arriving after Christmas. Not sure now whether to sell my Record Calvert Stevens smoother shown in the pic. If anyone's interested maybe you could let me know?
The new cabinet is coming along quite well, though it's a bit parky in the 'shop at the moment so it's difficult to get the glue to go off until I get a bit of heat in there. I've got the top boards veneering (with a mahogany substrate veneer) in the Air Press at the moment with a hot water bottle and blanket over the top to provide a bit of local heat, so with a bit of luck the glue should go off reasonably quickly. After that they have to be lipped and the bandsawn elm veneer applied.
Simon Platt (Heath Robinson on the forum) was round on Thursday afternoon for a little bit of a basic fettling demo on his No4 plane which by the end of the afternoon was working every so slightly better than at the beginning. We also went through a lot of the fundamental 'shop stuff that many of us take for granted but which is a bit bewildering for a newcomer, so hopefully the afternoon short circuited a painfull and possibly expensive learning process.

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