30 January 2008


I've now finished Dan's marking knife and will get it off in the post tomorrow. I've made this one from some English Walnut with a slightly different style of handle...hope he likes it. Dan very kindly sent me some very nice 65mm brass hinges which were to big for the Elm Cabinet II so I'm hoping that he'll exchange them for a smaller pair of 50mm.
Packing is under way for the trip next week...I'm expecting the 'call-forward' phone call from the Falklands airhead at some time on Friday, so will be eagerly standing to attention by the 'fone. Once I get it, I have 48hrs to organise myself and get over to RAF Brize Norton ready for the flight at 23.59 on Sunday night. Can't say I looking forward to the flight very much as it's a hell of a long way to go and takes about 15hrs with a stop over at Ascension Island for refuelling...must remember to take plenty of reading material.

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