04 January 2008

A Close Run Thing...

Having completed the top panels now on the Elm Cabinet, I biscuited them together...only trouble was that I had the machine the wrong way round and stuck a slot where it didn't out to go, about 80mm into the inside of the cabinet, so I had to turn the bottom over and put the slots in the right place. By a huge amount of good fortune, the slot will be exactly covered by one of the bearer rails on the stand, so on this occasion, I've got away with it, and as a man on a horse once said a long time ago...'twas a damn close run thing'
Had one parcel delivered yesterday from CHT which was very pleasant. Ripped off the packaging to reveal a little envelope (the metric dowel plate) and four oblong cardboard boxes, which I assumed contained the LN mortice chisels.
Wrong. Three of the boxes had chisels in them, the fourth had a roll of tightly wrapped tissue paper inside which didn't look anything like a 1/4" mortice chisel! Mystified, I rang Mike Hancock at CHT who very matter-of-factly explained that this wasn't the first time that this sort of thing had happened. Cutting a long story sideways, he said he would sort it asap.
Just waiting today for another delivery with the Veritas plane and 'shaves in it.
The article about 'Wooden Planes' has gone into F&C this week so I'll have to wait and see when that comes out...hopefully, not too long.

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