10 January 2008

Termite Holes!

At long last I've received my LA BU Veritas smoother, and what a beauty it is too. Honed the blade on the Spyderco 10000g, slight camber, set it very fine and was taking off .001 thou shavings with no bother at all...fabulous!

I put it straight to use in cleaning up the panels for the Elm Cabinet. It was taking off such a fine shaving that I only needed to lightly sand with 240g and then 320g. Biscuit slots were then masked off and all four bits were ready for polishing. I'm going to use three coats of matt Osmo Poly-X followed by a good application of wax applied with some 1000g steel wool. I'm doing a test piece at the same time so I'm quite interested to see how the steel wool cuts back the Osmo...should work quite well. The little holes down the side of the two panels (looks like a very orderly attack of termites) are the shelf support peg holes for some 4mm ebony dowels that I'm going to make with my newly acquired LN dowel plate.

Just waiting now for the final delivery from CHT, which is the LN 25mm bevel edge and the 6mm mortice chisel.

1 comment:

chrisk said...

Im slightly surprised your BUS needed sandpaper to follow at all. Perhaps it's because it was elm and presumably the grain went everywhere?

I find that on maple for example, my BUS leaves a surface that is ideal for finishing with no further surface preparation.