08 January 2008

Jigs and Planes

Pete (Newt) popped over yesterday with a little item he'd run up in some mdf...a prototype of a Donkey's Ear mitre shoot. This one is slightly different as the plane runs normally and the workpiece is tilted at 45deg... have to say that it worked a treat judging by the box that he'd brought along with all the corners absolutely spot on, so I think I'll have a go at knocking one up later on, next time I fancy making a box, which won't be anytime soon.
Pete is also looking at the purchase of his next plane and was debating between the Veritas LA Jack and the Clifton No6. He had another little play around with my LA Jack and was suitably impressed, as am I, even more so when I told him that AHC in Camberley were knocking them out for £142, which is oodles cheaper than CHT or similar. We then had a natter about the most suitable plane for edge jointing longish boards and I said that the LA Jointer was just the thing...and that truthfully and honestly, he ought to get both planes. Now doesn't that remind you of someone (now a pensioner) who delights in getting others to part company with the contents of their wallet, 'specially at Ally Pally time.
So he's ordered a LA Jack!
Still no sign yet of the postie with my LA BU smoother, but then again, haven't seen his van in the road....not that I've been looking you understand, having another peek out of the window.

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