26 January 2008

Refined...and counting down.

I had another go at the 'scary sharp' method of chisel back flattening and and this time I used a bit of float glass which was about half as wide as the chisel blade. The idea is to keep about 50% of the blade back off the paper at any one time. The result is that the front bit is only flattened every other stroke or so, the result being that the blade will eventually become very slightly hollow, or concave in its length. I did my two skews and the Blue Chip with excellent results so I only have to do the LN's which are pretty flat to start with.

I had a quick perusal at Alfs webpage the other day and was intrigued by the little knife she made in the style of those lovely, but hideously expensive objects of desire that can be found here so I thought I'd have a little go at making one myself. The result was quite nice, if not a little chunky for my taste...could have made the handle about 20mm longer which would have made it look better. Still, it's a very pleasant little tool which I've now sold to a good pal, so it's going to a very good home.

Now I can hear you chuntering to yourself that Woodbloke's really lost the plot this time...counting down to what exactly? Well courtesy of 'crab air', flying out of RAF Brize Norton I shall be making the long and arduous flight to the Falkland Islands next Sunday night to see Alyson for a couple of weeks. She's got a pretty action packed schedule for me that includes a lot of wildlife watching, a couple of decent battlefield tours and I daresay I'll be able to explore the bars and fleshpots of Stanley....and do the odd spot of fishing which I hear tell from someone that knows, is one of the best spots on earth for sea trout. It's going to be a tough couple of weeks, but I'll manage!

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