15 January 2008

Dracula Spectacula

It's been blowing more than half a gale overnight with driving rain. Guess what's been completely ripped out the ground?
All the bloody tent pegs.
The tarp itself is is position 'cos it's been held by all the lovely strong rope lashing it down but the bit on the corner's been flapping around like a spinnaker gone berserk. So I was out in the shop this morning at 7am making a few nice chunky stakes about a foot long to replace the tent pegs...so far everything is holding. Some rain managed to get in so it's a bit worse than it was yesterday, just take a bit longer to dry out, that's all. Looking on the bright side, this has to be a good test of the tarp...if it will hold in this, it'll hold in anything 'cos the bloody weather's not going to get any worse!
Christopher Lee, look out...I'm armed and dangerous!

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