24 March 2010

Roll on...

I'm getting really fed up with the yellow bucket, it's in the way and only a matter of time before it goes over... so with one eye on the weather Gods, I'm hoping this weekend (not being a procrastinator over these things) to fix the leaky roof on the 'shop in an attempt to get it sorted before the Easter break. I had a run out to 'shed's various' last weekend and bought all the materials I need to do the job.

With a bit of luck and a following wind (but not too much I hope) I ought to be able to rip off all the old stuff and at least get a few new rolls down on Saturday, which will leave me with Sunday to finish the job and take all the off-cuts and old felt to the dump.

The Alan Peters music stool is coming along reasonably well...it's more a question here of fettling the through mortise and tenon joints by just paring off a smidgen here and there to get a half decent fit. Having cut all my veneers last weekend for the other project, the bandsaw blade is just about good enough to cut the tenons. The actual stool itself is comparatively simple...it's the jointing which requires some thought and care to get right.

Once all the jointing has been done, the next thing to do will be to modify the woodie that I bought myself for Christmas, which is going to be an interesting exercise as it needs to be turned into a convex soled plane for cutting the concave dish in the seat.

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