31 March 2010

BL...the pits?

A post or three ago I was wittering on about Jap chisels, having a long standing itch that needed scratching and if you recollect, I'd decided that an outbreak of sound common sense had materialised.

With hindsight, I have to say that the life expectancy of that statement has the longevity of a 1970's Allegro...not a lot!

It happened that yesterday was pretty quiet at work (coming up to Easter) so feeling at a bit of a loss, I started to scratch that festering sore again and spent the better part of the day investigating all (or as many as I could find) different types of Japanese chisels. The various nuances and manufacturing techniques of the different makers is truly mind boggling...current thinking is that it would take a dedicated collector and highly competent metallurgist to understand just what the merits of each are...blue paper steel or white sir?

By late afternoon, my head was spinning (you'll have surmised by now that it doesn't take much!) so I decided, foolishly perhaps, to give Mattew Platt at Workshop Heaven a quick 'phone call.

Matthew, being a pal and a true gent is now sending me one of each of the hooped and long handled Fujikawa professional chisels to play around with (plus a sheet of the .3 micron 3M paper for the final edge honing)

I think British Leyland have a lot to answer for...

1 comment:

Mitchell said...

Bloke, your going to have to stop doing this.

I'm not talking about the chisels here. Rational expenditure or not, your going to get them. That is a given.

What I am talking about here is your use of words like "common sense" and "chisels" in the same paragraph, and then posting that paragraph in a woodworking blog.

Such statements are on a similar level to writing about "sailboat races". The oxymoron level is so high, it defies logic.

Come to think of it, I just used the word "logic". Now there is another word that doesn't belong in a woodworking blog.

See? Now you got me doing it.