21 March 2010


I procrastinate. Always have done, always will do. I put off those slightly irksome or difficult jobs 'till I'm in the right mood or have the mojo to do something. The preceding days were no exception 'cos I'd been delaying sawing the veneers for the media unit...I'd had the new blades for a couple of weeks, but you know what...I just didn't want to do it.

Until today.

The grey, dismal rain clouds of yesterday had gone and it was a lovely, sunny Spring day...just right for sawing up veneers.

I'd already prepared all the material as can be seen in the pic...the big lumps at the back were the pieces in question being about 1.4m long and 100mm wide, so you can see that I approached the task with a little trepidation on my little bandsaw!

Having had a recent enlightenment regarding my 'digital' well-being, the cynical amongst you will no doubt note with some profound glee the use of suitable push-sticks on the bandsaw....this was to set up the thickness on test piece against the re-saw fence.

It took about thirty minutes to get the 'set' absolutely spot on (which was having 2mm veneers cut true and straight) but having got everything 'just right' and taking a deep breath, I started to cut the main pieces of oak. To my surprise, it all went very well and an hour later...

I was left with a rather nice fanfold display of 2mm thick oak slices...and one blunt bandsaw blade!


John said...

Nice work! The white oak does awful things to my blades too. I am also a big fan of push sticks. They are so...replaceable!

Olly Parry-Jones said...

After selling your Kity table saw, Rob, I seriously think you should put that money towards a large bandsaw!! :-D

Or, at the very least, a drum sander, so you can accurately thickness veneers like this. :)


Woodbloke said...

English Oak here...none of that American stuff!

Olly - fear not, a big JET 10" doc bandsaw is on the horizon