09 March 2010

Perfection...and I want one!

The bushy tailed and eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed that my profile pic has changed. Nothing remarkable about that you might think...happens all the time. It's a pic a Bloke planing a lump of wood, again, nothing untoward there either, except if you look a little closer at the plane I'm using...

...it's one of these!

To say that it's made like a Rolls-Royce is coming somewhere near the mark, but is still something of an understatement.

Absolute perfection would be much closer.

In fact a wander round Karl's website isn't a bad idea if you feel relatively sane, have a bucket to collect the 'tool drool' and have entrusted your wallet to SWIMBO's tender mercy!

1 comment:

Chris Knight said...

For a moment there Rob, I thought you had bought one..