24 December 2008

That time of year...

Here we are again, it's that time of year...Christmas Eve. The last bits of shopping have been done, shelves are buckling in the larder, the tree is up in the lounge and has been decorated (including the Christmas Fairy) with presents under and there's ice in the freezer for the 'g and t's' (essential accompaniment for cooking the goose) on Christmas Day. The kid's have got their stockings organised for the small bits and pieces that Father Christmas always leaves (even though the chimney's been blocked up now, how does he still do that?) and there's a bottle of Tattinger in the fridge for Christmas morning...that's after we come back from our walk around the cathedral in town.
I've tried in some small way over the last year to make the Blokeblog an interesting and entertaining read... I hope that wherever you are on this small planet of ours you've found some amusement from these workshop witterings.
As a small crippled boy said a long time ago "God bless us, every one"...Merry Christmas - Rob


Anonymous said...

It's been a good read, Rob. Happy Christmas to you and yours.

Cheers ;-)

Paul Chapman

Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed the blog Rob, always a good read and plenty of the all important pics.

All the best to yourself and family.

Cheers, Paul (chisel)

Ian Styles said...

Good read! keep it up I think you will be surprised just how many people do read it!
Have a great Christmas and a very happy New Year to you and your family.

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