19 December 2008

Demise of the Christmas Fairy

So much for my planing skills! How do you plane down a few lumps of end and long grain stuck together? I had a go last night and found it almost bloody impossible to hold the things on the bench top, 'specially when it needs to be tapered so that each piece of the laminate is about 1mm thick. I got fed up with it in the end and shoved them all though the bandsaw...
I think I'll be continuing with my little unit in American Oak over the weekend. Next job will be to mark out and cut the mortises for the twin stubb tenons on the two shelves, which'll be interesting as I haven't done any of those for a few years now.
On a different note, we're having a 'Secret Santa' event on UKWorkshop and I picked up my package from the Post Office the other day. On the back of the parcel was a salutary warning that should it be opened prior to the 'Big Day' it would result in the immediate execution of seven Christmas Elves as a reprisal...which then begs the question, 'Who is this Father Christmas guy anyway and what sort of clout does he have?' I'm thinking here that if seven go up against the wall (worry not, it ain't going to happen, 'cos the parcel has been entrusted to SWIMBO's tender care) will the old bloke in the red suit have enough elfpower to fulfill all the Christmas orders at the North Pole? It sure is a puzzle, but at least with all the redundancies about at the moment he shouldn't have too much bother in recruiting some extra labour!
But the biggest conundrum of all though, is what's going to happen to the Christmas fairy? If he's willing to top seven of his most dedicated followers, there's no telling what he'd do to her. Bit of rape and pillage?...who knows, don't really bare thinking about. Only time will tell, 'cos if she's still there on the top of my tree on Christmas morning I'll know that all is good in the world.
If you know what might have happened to her had I opened my parcel...answers on a postcard!

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