05 December 2008

Lime Cheesecake

After a lot of organization on the Ethernet, the big day is here tomorrow...the Winter Bash. Loads woodworky nutters of are going to descend on my very 'umble 'shop with a vengeance for some serious woody talk. No doubt there'll be one or twelve shiny toys to play around with, 'specially if Waka brings some of this S&S planes. Paul Chapman's bringing one or two bits and I know that Rod has also got one or two surprises to unveil... then of course there's my recent stuff from across the 'big wet' which'll have an airing on the 'morrow.
What's to be done then? Well, tonight I'll need to have a honing session in the 'shop as some of my stuff needs to have a quick re-sharpen (can't have blunt blades for all to see!) but primarily I'll need to get down to Tescos for a load of grub for the day and following week. Good news is that Pam Newton is providing the pud...lime cheesecake, which I know from past experience is not to be missed.

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