15 December 2008

Bendy Wood

After last weeks Winterwonder Bash, (in which Waka let me have another bit of American Oak) I finally redeemed myself and managed to get the two sides of this little project I'm doing prepared to the right size. I even managed to get the dovetails cut top and bottom without making an utter bloody cock up of it...if you recollect from an earlier posting, I had a slight difficulty in adding up a series of measurements. 'Nuff said. I decided to mark out and cut a few Cosmanesque dovetails...easy enough to do but quite tricky to clean out the bottom of the pins, so time will tell when the complete joint comes together.
Pete came round on Saturday afternoon to return a book I'd lent him and amongst other things we nattered about was the construction of his hygrometer that I'd had a look at the previous weekend, so yesterday afternoon I decided to crack on and make a start on a couple. In essence what I did was to prepare a few blanks of English Cherry end grain sections, tape them together and at some point they'll be epoxied to the backing timber and then shaped.
Disappointingly, the 'shop suffered a small leak due to the very high winds and heavy rain over the weekend...nothing drastic that 10 minutes with a sealant gun won't cure, but annoying none the less. I guess I'll have to get a tarp over the suspect bit this coming weekend just to ensure that there's no more ingress of the wet stuff.

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