29 December 2008

The Lady Lives

The festivities of the last couple of days have come and gone so now it's the inevitable slow haul 'twixt Christmas and the New Year, always a bit of an effort. In many ways, though it's pleasant to get back to a bit of normality with grub 'ordinaire' (or just using up the leftovers) and a winding down of the excesses of the Christmas period...still got a 15 yo bottle of Dalwhinnie to get through yet, courtesy of my daughter.
I'm delighted to report though that the Christmas Fairy survived the rampant attentions of the old bloke in the red suite during the night of Christmas Eve and was there in all her shining shimeriness on the top of the tree Christmas morning with not a dishevelled strand of tinsel out of place!
As I mentioned earlier, we had a Secret Santa event on UKWorkshop this year which has proved to be very popular. SWIMBO had wrapped up my present very smartly and stuck it under the tree with all the rest...even my furtive attempts at 'feelies' (doesn't everyone?) failed miserably to work out exactly what was inside the package. It didn't help 'cos the parcel was a padded envelope and when it was eventually opened it was stuffed full of shavings, so to the person who made my gift (should you be one of the readers of this inane misive)...a curse on you, may your plane blades remain forever blunt!...t'were a cruel, mean and heartless trick to deprive the 'Bloke' of just the merest, tiniest, inkling of the delights inside. I could feel though that there was something that sort of moved when it was squiggled around in the packaging but I didn't have a scoobies as to what it might contain...imagine my surprise and delight when all was revealed, a concoction in ebony and brass, which turned out to be a centre finder (after a bit of investigative work to try and fathom out what it was) My thanks then, to the kind soul who must have laboured long and hard (or at least cracked the whip over the elves) to make my gift... very much appreciated.


The Village Carpenter said...

A clever and beautiful tool. Secret Santa was good to you! It reminds me of fences I've seen on some very old table saws. They employed a parallel bar like this to adjust the distance from fence to blade.

Happy New Year!

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