18 December 2008

Gunfire and the Marie Celeste

I managed to get out into the 'shop for a bit last night to do a bit on these hygrometers I'm making and got three glued up and into the AirPress bag. Pete advised me to use epoxy for the glue up as if PVA is used the water in stuff will make the cross-grain pieces bend too much. I also got some of the backing boards lipped ready for a bit of veneering later on. I'm not quite sure how many of these things are going to turn out well so I'll probably keep the best one.
I'm sorting this entry out at work today and being the festive season we've had a few mince pies (courtesy of the OC) and coffee in the Squadron office, a bottle of Bell's being contributed by the Sergeant Major so those that aren't driving have a couple of tots in their coffee... and very pleasant too. It's a standown for the Squadron from lunch time today so the place is going to be a bit like the Marie Celeste next week. Good news is that I won the Squadron monthly draw for the third time (the notorious and infamous Jimmy 100) much to my delight. The OC sounded off even more than usual this month as she drew the winning numbers and has never won a bean...more power to your elbow is what I say!

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