02 June 2009

HPLV or LPHV and the 'Bay

I've been toying with the notion for some time now of changing equipment and have been browsing through various sites with a view to gradually upgrading kit so that by the time I finish work in a few years time I won't start to hyperventilate when I have to dip into the wallet.
So with that notion in mind I've decided to start with the extraction system and have been pondering over what to do...HPLV or LPHV? This alone is enough to severely overload the grey matter, but in essence, the first is vacuum sucker and the second is a 'air-pushing' system, which as far as I can make out, is best suited to single machines like planer/thicknessers.
However the vacuum system, whilst it doesn't produce as much air flow is better suited to an extraction system with smaller bore pipe work, even though it can still be used with the p/t and a 100mm hose. It's all very confusing but the machine I want to get hold of is a twin motor 2.2Kw Camvac GV386 which will produce a lot of 'suck', certainly more than sufficient to power a moderate 60mm bore system that I hope to link up to the rest of the machinery in due course.

Not being a collector of tools (ahem!!) I've decided to get rid of a few on the infamous Fleabay of dreaded ill repute, so last night saw the disappearance of three of my planes...admittedly they were tools that I never now use, so there wasn't much point in keeping them, and the money raised from the sale will go quite a long way towards the cost of the Camvac.

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