23 June 2009

Wheeling and Dealing

Pete's recent Bash last weekend was a huge success, enjoyed by all (I don't think I had anything to eat for the next couple of days though) but one of the things that came out of it was a deal that I struck with Tony (Waka) regarding one or two small items that he wanted made. I'd long coveted one of his tools which was now surplus and as bartering is the oldest form of trading...why not?
Tony's shute is a very desirable jig made in a combination of Cherry and Rosewood. A couple of things he wanted were some additions to it, namely a mitre attachment and a 'Donkey's Ear' for box making. The other things that rather caught his eye at the Bash were my projection boards for the Eclipse honing guide and my rather natty little jig to hold the LV spokeshave blades, all of which he's asked me to make for him.
Having looked at the shute, I think it'll be far easier for me to make him a new one based on my design where I'll be able to incorporate the two additional attachments...it won't be in Cherry and Rosewood but it will work just as well. I think I'm also going to modify his Eclipse honing guide as well as it makes it far easier to hold chisels...in fact this is what all the chisels were held in for honing in the recent chisel test for F&C.

But what was the deal, what's going to be traded, I hear you a pondering?

To find out the answer to that one, you'll just have to keep dipping into the Blog.....

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