21 June 2009

The Bigger Bash

The great and the good from UKWorkshop converged at Pete's place yesterday for the annual Salisbury Bash...and a great day it was too. The food, as ever, was just fabulous so a huge thanks to Pam who must have slaved long and hard over a hot stove to provide it all. Around the table in a clockwise direction are Paul, Tony (Waka) Rod (Harbo) theTiddles (Aiden) Bob (9Fingers) Paulm (Paul) and Pete...yours truly with the camera.
The theme for this years event was sharpening small blades and 'shave blades, so I set up my stall in Pete's shop and sorted out all the blades provided. Paulm brought along a particularly interesting collection of pen knives and I was impressed with the Spyderco triangular stones that are used to hone them.
I was also interested to compare the Auriou rasp that Paul bought at West Dean a couple of weeks ago with my Chinwanese offerings from Workshop Heaven. The test was a little unfair as we didn't have a 'like for like' rasp so the jury's still out on that one...

As an aside, it's Fathers Day today... I'll have on of these please!

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The Village Carpenter said...

Holy mackeral! What a spread of food. That woman must be a gourmet cook. How does one go about getting invited to this for next time? ; )