23 April 2009

Wysiwyg...sort of

I've been ploughing steadily onwards in the 'shop over the last couple of days with this mammoth review and what's coming out is the huge difference in quality between different manufacturers...even though these tools are very simple, everyone is unique and different, so it's quite tricky to assess the merits of different brands. What looks impressive at a first view later on takes on a different sort of 'hue' when a bit more of a detailed examination has been done, but a first impression straight 'out the box' is always a useful guide to the sort of tool you're buying...it's not 100% foolproof as I'll no doubt find when I come to do the testing and draw conclusions, but it's a good initial way to estimate initial quality.
On UKWorkshop, the Competition has been launched and already I've had a few decent entries posted. One of the problems I think is keeping the whole thing manageable and trying not to let the important bits in the initial Design Brief thread become intermingled with lots of 'chaff'...relevant of course, but not necessary, so I'm grateful to Philly who's removed a few posts at my request. If things go forward at the present rate, by the closing date (May 11th) I reckon there'll be a fair number of really good projects in the pipeline.

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