17 April 2009

Two wrongs don't...

It's odd to me how things can go wrong in the 'shop from the first instant you set foot in it...well, almost. I had a decent day at work yesterday, got home, had a bit of tea and then said to SWIMBO that I was going to disappear outside to see what was happening in the 'shop. Having got the 'nod' I opened up and decided I'd do a little bit on the frame saw. All the marking out had been done a few days earlier, so I thought I'd just set up the router and cut the couple of shallow mortises that locate the centre stretcher rail. I'd set up a 6mm cutter in the machine and got everything set up as I normally do...perfick.
I cut the first mortise and then when I'd finished I noticed that it wasn't central...it was out by about .75mm. Not crucial, I could live with the error but wondered why it was out..very curious?

After a little investigative work, I realised I hadn't tightened the securing bolts on the router rods! Sod it!

Very calmly then, I sorted out the router, checked all the settings for the second mortise and went merrily routing away...'cept this time I'd forgotten to mark the 'stop' point for the far end, with the consequence that I went chewing into wood that I needed.


That was it...both bits of wood went straight through bandsaw and then got hurled to the other end of the 'shop. I spent the remainder of yesterday evening sorting out some more bits of timber (mahogany this time) and with any luck, the next time I pick up this project, it'll be a little more successful.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rob,

There's a gremlin in my workshop who delights in unscrewing the knobs on router rods after I've tightened them up - sounds like he's found out where you live ;-)

Cheers :-)

Paul Chapman

Woodbloke said...

Hi Paul - not the same one that lives in the woodshed at Yandles? If it is, he gets about...

The Village Carpenter said...

Sometimes you just have to walk away. When I started remodeling one of our bathrooms, I made some pretty bad mistakes and walked away from the project....for three years. No joke.