14 April 2009

Keyboards...who'd have 'em?

It's amazing what the 'send' button can do...you type a few words on the keyboard, hit the 'spellchecker' (essential in my case) press 'submit' and off the message goes and if it's wrong, or you have a bit of a re-think, there's nowt you can do about it...it's disappeared into the ether. Not that I'm having a re-think, you understand, but I do wonder what murky waters I get myself into sometimes...
Such is the case of the UKWorkshop Competition. A few days ago I nonchalantly posted a thread just tentatively enquiring if it was about time we had another, as there's been a very large influx of new members to the site and indeed, some older hands who didn't enter the last competition seem very keen to get stuck into a new one. Well, before you know it, I'd hit those fateful keys, so guess what...

...it's a Bloke event!!

As organiser then, it's up to me to sort out the whole thing, which hopefully won't be too difficult as my intention is to keep it as simple as I can make it, but then it is t'internet and it is UKWorkshop. I've had a chat with a good friend who thinks my proposals sound workable, so once it's under way, I intend to be pretty steadfast and rock steady (none of your jelly wobbliness here...oh no, no!) in the rules ( though I might be open to minor changes within the first 48hrs of the thing getting underway)
I've already got one or two judges who've agreed to participate and have another couple in the pipe line, so to speak. Some prizes have also been very generously given, particularly by Ian Styles at Axminster, to whom I'm very grateful. I still need a few more though, so will be asking the forum membership for contributions.
If all goes according to the 'cunning plan' it should be a very good event, with an entirely different slant to the proceedings at the end...watch this space.

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