01 April 2009

Brown paper and bubble wrap

It's been a busy few days of comings and goings with the postie. First of all I received a set of superb LN fishtail chisels from Ian Styles at Axminter for review...these will also at some point feature in F&C, so the next time I see Michael Huntley, no doubt something will be arranged. I also found a slim package that contained a couple of excellent DVD sets on workshop jigs...ought to be a good couple of hours in front of the telly.

Also with the same delivery, I had a long skinny parcel from Wales that contained a couple of pieces of Dragon saw blades. I'm used to the blades from Axminster, and good though they are, these Dragon blades seem to be a pure work of art, if such a thing could ever be said about a bandsaw blade. Next thing then is to start to sort out the frame saw project. I'm managed to find an old whiteboard at work that was surplus and I intend to use that now for my working drawings and rods as pencil lines seem to rub out quite easily on the surface. After a bit of scurfing on the t'internet (mainly at German sites) I've managed to come with pretty exact sizes both for the saw and the blade to fit it. This is so that if at some time later on I need to get hold of a Jap blade, it'll drop straight into the saw without too much fiddling about. I've also sourced some decent beech for the project, so I'm hopeful it'll turn out quite well.

So as well as receiving parcels, I've been posting a few as well...only this lunch time the 'Blokeblade's were posted to their new owners and I've sold one of my block-planes. Well, you don't really need three of the things!..that's got to be parcelled up tonight as well.

I also finished off the little chisel with the HSS blade. Loafing around under the bench somewhere I remembered I had an old London pattern octagonal handle which would be ideal for this project and would also compliment all the other gouge and chisel handles in the rack. I used couple of oddments of ebony dowel to epoxy the blade into the handle and I have to say, I reckon it'll be a very useful little tool.

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