20 April 2009

The Sizzler

Having been forewarned by Michael Huntley, the editor of F&C, a very large and heavy package got dumped on the dining room table on Saturday, so the time has come to put the Cherry Table aside for a few days as I've got a major review to sort out. This one's a bit 'hush hush' but is a repeat of something that the mag did a few years ago, suffice to say that I'm rather looking forward to doing it in the workshop in the next few days. Pete came round yesterday to have a look at the stuff as I was interested in his first impressions of the tools. As usual he gave me an interesting and valuable viewpoint, some areas of which I wouldn't have considered, so I'm very grateful.
Having hit those fateful keys a few days ago regarding the UKWorkshop competition, I've just finalised the rules and have sent them off to Philly for his consideration... if everything's good then the thing will get under way fairly soon. I've had some really good prizes donated by Ian Styles of Axminster and Matthew Platt from Workshop Heaven, to whom I'm very grateful. My thanks are extended also to other forum members who have additionally donated a good range of prizes... there's going to be some very serious toys up for grabs that will be well worth winning. I hope that we get plenty of entrants to the competition and judging from the responses to the initial thread on the forum, I reckon it ought to be a sizzler!

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