21 February 2010

The Tuit List...what's on yours?

Everybody has one...I don't care who you are, or where you're from, somewhere, somehow there'll be a long list of stuff that you've been meaning to do/nagged to do/forced to do (but haven't got a round tuit yet) Colonial readers of these ramblings will instantly recognise the 'tuit list' as their own much loved 'honey-do'...the effect is the same, that aggravating itch tucked away in the little grey cells that won't go away, no matter how you try.

Every so often, a gentle reminder surfaces which prompts me to think...

... "one day, one day, I'll get a round to doing that little job"

but invariably, it never happens and life trundles on.

Well...strike one off my Tuit List!!

For years, ever since Alan Peter's book came out in the early 80's, I've been meaning to make one of his classic music stools...so this little job has been on my Tuit List for well over a quarter of a century!

I was having a machining day in the 'shop yesterday, preparing the oak for the media project and I had a decentish lump left over, full of knots and splits, but enough to get out a 3/4 scale version of the stool. With a little careful cutting, I've managed to sort out enough lovely English Oak to make one, which after 25 years, has to be something of a result.


The Village Carpenter said...

Ah yes, the tuit list. I tore out our guest bathroom down to nothing, including sink removal. Then I messed something up in the renovation and didn't go back to the project and finish it until 3 years later. Good thing we don't have guests very often. ; )

Jeff Branch said...

Hooking my router up to dust collection - been meaning to do that for years.