05 February 2010

Capital adventures...

Last night saw the final 1:1 drawing completed on my whiteboard...it's amazing that using the full size scale, you can see things that weren't apparent when it was drawn smaller, particularly things like thicknesses of shelves which when pared down from 20 to 16mm make the whole thing look 'lighter' (even though it's meant to be fairly chunky)

I'm good to go now, so the next thing is to set up the bandsaw to cut some veneers, which will be done next week as I can't do anything over the weekend as we're of to London to see No1 son, who's treating to one or two delights in the capital. I'd like to have a nose round Covent Garden as I haven't been there for years and I think SWIMBO has planned a tour of the City and bits of the East End, following in the footsteps of Jack the Ripper... which should be entertaining, if not slightly thought provoking, not least because Gareth now works in the very area where these events took place. We're also having a meal at a posh Italian restaurant in the West End in the evening and on Sunday, he's booked tickets to see 'Avatar', so all in all, it promises to be a really good weekend.

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